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18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys – Truck Crash Lawyers

Trucking Accidents

Trusted Truck Accident Attorneys
Personal Attention and Professional Representation for over 30 Years

Driver fatigue, speeding, brake failures, and load shifts are just a few of the causes of catastrophic trucking accidents that occur every year on the highways. For over 30 years, our law office has provided personal attention and professional legal representation to clients who have been seriously injured by negligent truck drivers and trucking companies. More on this website @
When you or your loved ones suffer injury in a trucking accident, your personal injury claim can hinge upon seeking the assistance of a skilled truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. In these types of motor vehicle accidents, our experienced lawyers understand how vital it is to your case to receive proper medical treatment immediately, and continue treatment as directed. We work quickly to preserve important evidence before authorities clear away a crash site. Our firm has a private investigator on-call to assist in gathering the evidence and witness testimony necessary to building an effective case.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, we urge you to contact us immediately for a free, confidential case evaluation. If you cannot come to our office, we will meet with you at the hospital or your home.

Because commercial trucks are mandated by federal law to carry certain insurance, you may be able to collect insurance benefits from unexpected sources including the federally mandated MCS-90 endorsement.

We know victims injured in collisions with semi-trucks, tractor-trailers and other large commercial vehicles face unique challenges. Our experienced truck accident attorneys understand the physics behind vehicle/truck collisions such as auto safety design, the dynamics of vehicle behavior in highway accidents, and the potential for catastrophic physical damage and death. We work with experts in accident reconstruction, trucking safety, and forensics to carefully and effectively determine the cause of the truck accident and who was responsible. Please visit this website

The sheer size and weight differences between vehicles in a truck accident often result in serious injuries or wrongful death claims. Our firm is adept at handling complex medical issues unique to traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury cases. Our staff offers compassionate assistance to families seeking just compensation for the physical and emotional grief and financial burdens caused by the needless death of a loved one.truck accident attorneys dallascommercial trucking law

Don’t jeopardize your truck accident claim by waiting to obtain experienced legal counsel. Contact the truck accident injury lawyers at our firm today. We offer free initial consultations for all personal injury and worker’s compensation claims, and we make hospital visits for your convenience. We accept truck accident injury cases and other personal injury matters on a contingent fee basis.

Getting A Motorcycle accident Lawyer

Getting a motorcycle accident lawyer is an appropriate move to make when you have legal concerns as a result of a motorbike accident.

Figures from the National Highway Safety Administration reveal that 10% of road accident are associated with motorcycles. Sad to say, records show that there are almost 5,000 deaths yearly due to this type of road accident.

motorcycle accident attorneys

motorbike accident on the Austin city street

Distractions are all around when driving. Oftentimes, it may distractions that pose the greatest risk to motorcycle drivers, whether they are distracted or another driver has a lapse of attention.

More and more often people take phone calls or reply to a text message while behind the wheel. While these activities are common in our daily lives, these ought to be done in moderation and especially not when driving!

Studies also show that for some people, drinking coffee or soft drinks while driving or listening to music while driving may be dangerous.

There are traffic regulations and laws set and strictly implemented, as well as information widely disseminated on these dangers, but these accidents continue to occur.

Serious physical injuries that may affect your brain and spinal cord can result from motorcycle accidents. Ultimately, this condition may mean loss of what you value the most, including your career and relationships. What a devastating threat to your future!

Because of the traumatic impact of motorcycle accidents, you must be aggressive enough to fight for proper settlements. Motorcycle accident attorneys can help ensure that financial aid is received to cover your medical bills, and the rest of your recovery expenses.

An auto accident lawyer and the services that he or she may render will ease your concerns regarding the most suitable lawsuit to file.

motorcycle accident lawyers

An accident with a motorcycle. traffic accidents with skid marks on road.

Automobile accident attorneys’ dedication to their clients will be reflected in the way they handle the details of the case and the concern they show for your welfare and the welfare of your family.

Ideally, automobile accident lawyers should be just one phone call away, and are expected during actual accidents. Car accident lawyers are expected to send out investigators and other experts to evaluate and determine the offending party at the scene.

They will also attend to your emotional status by finding a psychologist to help you deal with your trauma. In addition, they are connected with medical teams who will pay prompt and proper attention to your injuries.

Motorcycle accident lawyers are empowered to represent accident parties in a court and bring about justice. In matters as serious as motorcycle accidents, you have to rely on reputable law firms and respected attorneys who are well-equipped in this field.

The legal process is never easy, but with the right legal experts behind you, it may make your ordeal a lot less harrowing.

In the Fast Lane of the Information Highway – The Long and Winding Road

The Internet harbors a wealth of information just ripe for the picking and ready to be delivered to your printer or hard-drive. It is challenging to seek information on the Web, as well as rewarding when your search is successful.

Searching is NOT surfing. Surfing the Internet is going aimlessly from one URL to another. It can be fun and you can obtain information this way. However, it takes time and you may miss the more pertinent sites. There are resources online that are not available anywhere else.

When doing an online search, ask yourself what you are looking for. Keywords such as “medical professional organizations” are just a starting point. Do you want to find specialized organizations? If so, then you should use more descriptive terms such as “neurosurgical professional organizations”. And, if you want to define your search further, add the name of a state or country: “american neurosurgical professional organizations” or “texas neurosurgical professional organizations”

Each search has two parts. The subject and the angle. The angle is the aspect of the subject you really want to know about. The search may be framed “American medical association” but the angle would be added with the word “standards”. If you search on the subject alone (unless the topic is rare or unusual) you may be overwhelmed with irrelevant information.

When you search, use descriptive terms. Search engines are very literal. For instance, if you put in the term “apple” you will get sites referencing the fruit as well as the computer company. If the meaning of your search term is ambiguous or can possibly be misconstrued, you will need to qualify your search query.

Hazards Along the Way

One of the biggest time wasters in net-searching is starting off on the wrong track. You can spend hours going down dead ends. Often the problem starts at the beginning when the searcher makes a wrong assumption about how, where, and whether to proceed. Before you go online try thinking to yourself, “If I found the ideal article/site, what would it be?” Use this as your guide to framing your search query. By doing this exercise before your search, you are capturing the most important concepts and clarifying your goal.

There is no such thing as a comprehensive online search engine. No single search tool works throughout the universe of the Internet. Just as no one approach is best. Sometimes it takes a combination of differing approaches and search tools to obtain the information you are seeking. Try using more than one search query on a variety of search tools.

Remember, just because one technique worked in the last search does not mean it will work now. The Internet is in constant flux with new sites added and older ones discontinued daily. Just as new roadways are built and old ones renovated, the information highway is constantly changing.